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«Return to Blog List The Proper Care and Feeding of Wine

Guest post by Kelli Osgood

Summer is a time of warm weather and celebrations. What better time to gather with friends and crack open that bottle that has been set aside and saved for a special occasion?

Break out the boomerang, uncork the wine and pour a glass, ready to savor each sip from start to finish. But wait? What’s that smell? And ugh! That taste? Sorry to say it… but you probably have a corked bottle!

And of course, with this warm weather (undoubtedly!) upon us, it is the time to really consider that valuable wine collection you are building. What is the best way to ensure that your wine will be good for years to come?

The best temp. to store red wine at is between 52-65°F (45-50° for white wine). Often, it’s worthwhile to invest in a wine fridge. Sunlight and heat really compromises the integrity of the wine (the heat will cause wine to age prematurely) – and freezing wine will cause the liquid to expand & break the bottle. Big fluctuations in temperature are equally as important to avoid – it can damage corks and ruin wine.

Be sure that wine is stored horizontally if it is not going to be consumed within 30 days. This will keep the cork moist and avoid cracking, which allows air into the bottle. For white wine, it’s fine to chill it before serving – however, leaving it at a temperature below 45° for a long time may cause the wine to lose flavor and aromas.

Alas, once in a while a seeping bottle is unavoidable. If you can catch the problem before the wine has gone bad — never fear. Just open the bottle and enjoy with a friend or by yourself. Sometimes a really good wine is reason enough to celebrate! 


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